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RCEME Corps Fund Constitution English                                            
RCEME Corps Fund Constitution  French

From: NISHIKA.JARDINE@forces.gc.ca
To: JULIA.MOTL@forces.gc.ca; lussiertemple@bell.net; mooandme@sympatico.ca; leugner@agatlabs.com; texleug@shaw.ca
CC: LINDSAY.DENCSAK@forces.gc.ca; Paul.Fuller@forces.gc.ca; b.brewer@sympatico.ca; Alex.Patch@forces.gc.ca; Nicolas.Eldaoud@forces.gc.ca; GARY.DZEOBA@forces.gc.ca; Dany.Dubuc@forces.gc.ca; andrew.nellestyn@gmail.com; MICHEL.LANDRY2@forces.gc.ca; ROBERT.DUNDON@forces.gc.ca
Subject: RE: RCEME Corps Fund: Merger - Final Draft Constitution
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 22:31:09 +0000

Chair RCEME Corps Fund BOD (thru Maj Motl), Deputy Chair Designate, Association Presidents:
It is with great pleasure that I forward to you the Constitution of the Fund of the Corps of RCEME which will come into effect on 1 Jan 2016.
The Constitution is in both official languages and comprises all of the changes pursuant to your reviews and comments, as well as those of the National NPP Manager and his Legal Advisor.
Effective immediately, the Constitution Writing Board is dissolved and any further amendments will be the sole purview of the newly constituted Board of Directors under the guidance of the Chair and Deputy Chair.  I trust the first order of business will be the formal adoption of the Constitution and that the originals will be filed appropriately.
Please note that there remains a fair bit of bull work left to be finished, primarily in communicating the key points about the New Corps Fund (DRCEME Communiqué) and updating the Corps Website accordingly, and I simply cannot promise that it will all be complete by 1 Jan 2016…I trust you will be patient!
Finally, I wish to congratulate all of you for your considered reflections as we crafted this document; your attention, focus and concerted efforts are what have allowed us to achieve this bringing together of the RCEME Corps Community under one roof, so to speak. I remain deeply grateful for the time and dedication offered by LCol Lindsay Dencsak, Col Paul Fuller and BGen (Ret’d) Bill Brewer as members of the Writing Board.
My very best wishes to the new Board of Directors.
Nishika Jardine
Colonel Nishika Jardine, CD
Deputy Commandant, Canadian Forces College
Canadian Armed Forces / Government of Canada
nishika.jardine@forces.gc.ca / Tel: 416 482-6800 x 6813  / CSN 634-6813
Commandant adjoint, Collège des forces canadiennes
Forces armées canadiennes / Gouvernement du Canada
nishika.jardine@forces.gc.ca / Tél: 416 482-6800 x 6813  / RCCC 634-6813
From: Jardine Col N@ADM(Mat) DASPM@Ottawa-Hull
Sent: July-28-15 12:26 PM
To: Motl Maj JE@ADM(Mat) DLEPS@Ottawa-Hull; tom temple; Erl Kish; Tex Leugner; texleug@shaw.ca
Cc: Dencsak LCol LR@RCEME School HQ@Borden; Fuller Col JAP@ADM(Mat) DGMSSC@Ottawa-Hull; BGen Brewer; Patch MGen AC@ADM(Mat) DCOS(Mat)@Ottawa-Hull; Eldaoud BGen N@5 Cdn Div HQ Comd@Halifax; Kennedy BGen SG@ADM(Mat) DGLEPM@Ottawa-Hull; Dzeoba Capt GS@RCEME School HQ@Borden; Dubuc CWO JJD@ADM(Mat) DLEPS@Ottawa-Hull; andrew nellestyn
Subject: RCEME Corps Fund: Merger - Final Draft Constitution
Chair RCEME Corps Fund BOD (through Maj Motl) and Association Presidents:
1.      I acknowledge again, with thanks, receipt from all four contributing organizations of each of your “approvals-in-principle” to proceed towards the merger into the new RCEME Corps Fund which will officially stand up on 1 Jan 2016, with a period of transition out to 1 Jan 2018.  Additionally, I note that EME A and RCEME A have indicated that they could be ready to merge on 1 Jan 2016, while RCEME A Kingston together with their LADs would be in a position to do so later in Fall 2016 (see Transition below).  A brief outline of the remaining next steps is provided below.
2.      The Final Draft of the merged RCEME Corps Fund Constitution, dated 15 Jul is now complete, and I enclose it here, in both English and French, for your review and comments NLT 30 Sep 2015.  Please note that this Final version contains all of the By-Laws and includes changes made pursuant to the several comments received from all contributing organizations on the last version; substantive changes are highlighted.  I would ask that comments be sent back to me, with cc to BGen (Ret’) Brewer, Col Paul Fuller and LCol Lindsay Dencsak.  I will collect all comments and we will address them all during the period 1 -15 Oct and then send out the finalized, no longer draft, Constitution for Formal Ratification from all four contributing organizations by 1 Nov 2015. 
<< File: Final French Draft Constitution 15 Jul 2015_FR.doc >>  << File: Final English Draft Constitution 15 Jul 2015_EN.doc >>
3.      Note that this Final Draft is also being reviewed concurrently by the NPP Manager and their associated Legal staff.
A key part of the transition process relates primarily to the manner in which the membership is transitioned from each of the contributing Associations and related LADS into the the new RCEME Corps Fund.
For the members of the exisiting Corps Fund, there is no change; the entire membership as it stands on 1 Jan 2016  is automatically enrolled into the new RCEME Corps Fund.
For the members of the Associations, I think it will be easier for each Association to connect with the Corps Adjt, Capt Gary Dzeoba (cc above) to work out how pro-rated dues would be paid or transferred based on each Association’s dues/membership constructs, recognizing that the new Fund Benefits would not be available until the dues are paid on either an Association, LAD or individual basis.
NEXT STEPS (in brief)
Aug-Nov: update Website, establish NPP processes incl payment gateway on website, initiate Guild resolution process
30 Sep:  deadline for comments on the Final Draft Constitution (as noted above)
1-15 Oct:  review of comments and changes
mid-Oct: Final Constitution promulgated
1 Nov: Formal Ratification by contribution organizations
mid-Nov: selection of Retiree members to the new BoD
1 Jan: stand up of new RCEME Corps Fund, new website online, begin Transition
Once again I wish to thank everyone involved for their contributions to this tremendous initiative, which I know will stand the Corps in good stead as we move to the future.
Colonel Nishika Jardine, CD
Department of National Defence / Government of Canada
nishika.jardine@forces.gc.ca / Tel: 819 994-0788 / CSN 994-0788
Ministère de la défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada
nishika.jardine@forces.gc.ca / Tél: 819-994-0788  / RCCC 994-0788