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Attached is file of rib-tickling military humour by Sgt Doug Scott, better known as Scotty.

Scotty was an MP, stationed in Halifax during the tumultuous period of the mid-70's,

just after integration was here for the long haul,  reality finally started to sink in.

His cartoons graced the Maritime Command newspaper, as well as DND's national rag, the Sentinel. Scotty could always see the humour in Service life, no matter how deplorable the conditions or how pathetic the circumstances. He was a gem ... even if he was an MP!

In the late 70's the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security published a collection of Scotty's cartoons as a fund raiser for the Security Branch Blind Fund.

The person who sent this to me has a copy of that book and has digitized all the cartoons.

As a New Year's Present for 2011, he presents the book in digital form for our enjoyment.

Scotty Cartoon book