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Reunion 2011 pictures - Meet & Greet
Reunion 2011 pictures - Dinner & Dance
Reunion 2011 Pictures - AGM
Reunion 2011 pictures - Parade & Breakfast
Reunion 2011 pictures - from Bill Woolgar

The theme for the 2011 RCEME Association Reunion will be "The Horse is Back"
Remember where you were 20 years ago when EME  re-acquired "The Horse".  The (RC) EME/GEM badge was approved in the fall of 1990 and was first issued on re-badging parades and ceremonies across the Canadian Military community both in Canada and overseas starting on  May 9th, 1991 at the Rebadging Parade at LETE in Ottawa and ending later that summer with rebadging of the EME Craftsmen in the Golan Heights.
Prior to this EME members wore the LORE badge approved in November 1973 and issued starting in the Spring of 1975 with a parade in Ottawa followed by other parades across Canada and in Peacekeeping locations around the world during that summer. Members of the then EME Community were designated as LORE which later evolved into LEME.
The first "Horse (King's Crown) was approved February 27th 1950 and taken into use later that year.
The "Horse" which many of us so proudly remember was the RCEME Queen's Crown, approved in 1952 and taken into wear in 1954.
Some of our members still proudly remember the original bronze RCEME Shield originating in March of 1944.
           Whatever badge or badges you so proudly wore,  bring us your memories and come help us celebrate "The Horse is Back"  June 3-4-5, 2011.
    Here is a starter story for you. On the 60th Anniversary of RCEME Parade at the School Murray Johnston retired as Colonel Commandant and John Vass retired as Branch CWO. For the parade each of them wore his original RCEME Badge, Murray his King's Crown RCEME Badge and John his Queen's Crown RCEME badge.  
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