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At the CDA Council meeting held in Ottawa on March 2nd, BGen Bob Meating of the Army Cadet League of Canada reported that many of the cadet corps were having difficulties. In particular it was pointed out that some cadet corps were in need of sponsor support. The cadet movement plays an important role in preparing future leaders in the country. It teaches important social skills and team work in a disciplined environment. It introduces young Canadians to some of the basic military skills and it is a good source of recruitment. It would be regrettable if some of our youth would be unable to serve in the cadet movement because of lack of sponsor support. As an Association but also as individuals we must help. Obviously we are too small an Association to help all cadet corps but as a start we should provide as much support as we can to RCEME/EME/GEM Cadet Corps in need.
The EMEA Newsletter 0901 contained an article that listed the ten existing RCEME/EME/GEM Cadet Corps and their affiliated CF unit. For your information they are:  

2698 Sieur de Beaujeu Lacolle 51 Bn des svc

2482 Samuel-de-Champlain Beauport - 5 Bn des svc

1239 La Malbaie 55 Bn des svc

2846 Richelieu L‟Ancienne Lorette (Quebec) 55 Bn des svc

1944 LEME, Creemore (Ont) - CFSEME

2861 RCEME, Windsor (Ont) 21 Svc Bn

2733 Sir Winston Churchill, Sherwood Park/Edmonton (Alta) - 15 Svc Bn

2979 Fort Vermillion, High Level (Alta) - 1 Svc Bn

1746 RCACC, Creston (BC) 1 Svc Bn

3036 RCACC - Sackville Lions (EME) 33 Svc Bn

Of the above RCEME/EME/GEM cadet corps two receive sponsor support from EME retirees. The 2861 RCEME Windsor Cadet Corps receives sponsor support from the RCEME Association and the 2698 Sieur de Beaujeu Lacolle Cadet Corps receives sponsor support from the Quebec Chapter of the EMEA. However I am not aware that any of the other eight EME/GEM cadet corps receive support from retirees or indeed if they need assistance. EME/GEM cadet corps in need are deserving of our support.
I therefore invite chapters and individuals to make contact with local EME/GEM cadet corps with a view of determining sponsor needs. Should you find out that an EME/GEM cadet corps is in difficulties because of lack of sponsor support I would invite you to let me know. I propose to bring any specific need to the attention of the Executive with a view of finding how best to help. As an Association and as individual we can make a difference and we should.
Arte & Marte
Mike Horn
President EME Association